The data stories project team is:

Jen Ross (Digital Education, University of Edinburgh). Jen was the project lead and is co-facilitator of the Higher Education After Surveillance network. Contact her at

Anna Wilson (Education, University of Stirling). Anna led on the co-design and research for the data storytelling tool, and is currently PI for the Leverhulme-funded Waste Stories project.

Jane McKie (Creative Writing, University of Edinburgh). As project co-investigator, Jane contributed her expertise in creative writing methods and approaches to the data storytelling design.

Amy Collier (Associate Provost for Online Learning, Middlebury College). Amy is co-facilitator of the After Surveillance network, and co-investigator for the project.

Pat Lockley (Pgogy Webstuff). Pat built the data storytelling tool, in the form of a WordPress plugin.

Martin Hawksey (Chief Innovation, Community and Technology Officer, Association for Learning Technology). Martin was the project’s external advisor.