Urgent: re the promised model 3 scramblers

Published on Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Dear University Senior Leadership (a public letter)

We have tried to express our concerns as students, individually. We have opened tickets with WeCare and been assured that matters are being escalated. Time we should have been spending on our studies has, instead, been spent trying to address your failings in the matter of the wellness supports we were promised. As per your email to all undergraduates on 12 Setpember, every student was to receive one of the new model Scramblers before the start of term, in line with the agreement made with the student union in August. As you have acknowledged, without these students are subject to unacceptable levels of neuroscanning in public spaces in the city and as they travel to and from campus. Without the freedom to opt out of campus attendance, we rely on the Scramblers to ensure that this valuable time of learning about, contextualising and perhaps even challenging the status quo during our studies does not negatively impact our future employability. Despite your assurances, too many students are being fobbed off with Model 2s or, worse, being advised to hire Model 3s, putting their reputational wellness at further risk. We have not been taking this lying down. As we write, the extensive work we have been doing to compile evidence of your failure to act is almost complete, and there are many accounts of specific harms that will reflect extremely poorly on you and your commitment to our wellness. We do not want to release this dossier publicly, as we know the consequences for your funding next year will be severe, but you have left us no alternative. We look forward to hearing from you.

- the student union.

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