First Year Student Experience

Published on Friday, 9th April 2021

Starting Mirror…

Access my First Year Student Experience course please.

Your ‘U-Well-Being Journal’ is Due Today, Jody.

Oh really! Thanks for the reminder! I’m ready to start.

How are you doing with your well-being activities, Jody?

I ran about three miles to checkpoint 28 and back this afternoon! I am full of relief and excitement that I won't get a well-being citation for slacking on my daily exercise requirements to be part of university-1066! It was a bit more challenging this morning with all the protests going on by the checkpoint gate, but gave me energy to keep going and not end up like the veil-renegades you told us about in orientation.

What challenges are you facing with your well-being activities, Jody?

Ok, I’ll be real honest here, I’ve received three well-being citations in the last 6 months for lack of exercise, a positive test for covid-54, and missing the webinar on techno-meditation, but you told me as a first-year, I’m still learning, and I honestly think these tickets are helpful to keep me healthy and productive as a college student. I was a bit worried at first, because I can’t really afford the citations. I was so close to losing my financial aid package for one of my courses, if it wasn’t for my love of all those faux-veggies, I'd probably be re-applying to this university. I’ve always been pretty decent with my well-being food requirements, I mean, with the Amazon Go chip on my wrist, I feel like ‘a magician’ (something my mum said) - I just have to go to the campus store, wave over my food choices, and read on the wall what’s good for my concentration in class, or what will keep me awake for those long (so long!) nights studying cyber-censorship principles.

How are you doing with your first year courses, Jody?

Ok! So, for updates about my courses, I logged into my Alexa Mirror today and was able to see some new charts about my learning. So it says that engaging in more well-being activities is actually is making a difference in my coursework, especially if I’m on campus more, and just eating from places on campus (you can tell I love food!) - I’m still unsure how to read some of the charts, but I’ll probably figure it out over the next few weeks like you said.

Anything else you want to share, Jody?

I’ve been scheduled for another covid-54 test next week during one of my classes. I was apparently tracked near an infected student, so I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ve been feeling fine aside from being a bit tired from my run earlier. Looking forward to receiving more wellness tips based on this entry!

Thank you. Please review and read aloud your honor promise to submit your entry.

I submit on the basis that my journal entry is factual and is subject to reviewed for potential follow up questions and resources.

Entry submitted.

Thank you! Turn off Mirror.

Mirror Shutting Down...