Content is King

Published on Friday, 9th April 2021

On 3rd June, each year at the University of Wherever, there is a day of celebration for the content produced by each faculty.  Schools and departments compete with each other, not for the quality of the resources produced but for the number of ‘views’ that their content receives. 

Each year, teaching staff frantically email links to their friends and family of videos they have made for their students, in the hope that their contacts will like these and their content will move up the ladder.

When I make a video, I usually share it with my husband who also works in the University to see if he can view it – there are often access restrictions and so I want to make sure that it is accessible.  Then I show it to my kids to see what they think of it, then I share the link with them to see if they can view it from their numerous devices.

Then I play it and replay it from my own account, through Apps and different browsers.  I always think that if anyone from the Office for Digital Learning, were looking at the views and statistics they would be rolling round the floor laughing as the only views my videos get are from myself and my family.